Wedding day – the perfect moment

Every little girl dreams of her amazing wedding. Even as young children, they play on their wedding day and marriage on the eye creates a smile from a nostalgic dream. Being a bride staring at everyone with amazement in their eyes creates a lot of joy. Wedding dress with white siding and veil over her face. The feeling when that veil reveals the face of your beloved partner and future husband. The first married kiss. So many beautiful feelings in one day. So much love in the whole hall. Beautiful, isn`t it?

If a little girl grows into a beautiful young lady who is asked for the hand of a beautiful boy – they will go married together.

This big wedding is traditionally a big celebration. Bachelor party for bride and bachelor party for groom.

svatební den

The feverish preparations are coming to an end, and the bride and groom eagerly await the big D-day. They reckon with days, hours, and minutes with joy and perhaps a little nervousness. All guests confirmed their participation in making their vows for the rest of their lives. The ceremony that is scheduled will be magnificent. Even if a thousand things fail – they will know that it is not a tragedy. The most important thing is the love they have for each other.

The ceremony is followed by a beautiful feast. Some follow the traditions before and after the wedding and, for example, the groom feeds the bride and the bride feeds the groom. Some consider it a cliché. If you have already after the wedding day – have you followed the traditions or not?

ženich a nevěsta

A great feast after the wedding day includes the perfect drink and alcoholic beverages of course. Great food of all tastes, music you can dance to and fun, laughter and good mood.

Good luck to the newlyweds and lots of love for your lives! We keep our fingers crossed.